This past weekend, the band enjoyed  a fun filled weekend of music and ministry.  On Friday, August 31st, the MBB performed at Betsy the Barge in Marcy, and on Saturday, September 1st, at the "Its all about Jesus Fest," in Whitehall. Both were well attended, and we had a great time worshipping with all who were present.

Special thanks to Pastor Mike Lemery, whose hard work at organizing the "Its all about Jesus Fest" helped make the event a true success, as well as to our special guest at Betsy the Barge, Sherry Anne Lints. Sherry did a great job friday night, and we appreciate her ministry.

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Upcoming Appearances

  • Oct 20
    Curtis Corners Church,  Salisbury Center
  • Nov 4
    St. Peter's Church,  Rome
  • Nov 17
    Christmas on Main Street,  Utica

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